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A List Apart
  • Rachel Andrew on the Business of Web Dev: Our Enclosed Space

    I speak fairly frequently at conferences, and I get to listen to a lot of web designers and developers giving their presentations at these events. I often have my laptop open on my knee to keep an eye on Perch support while I listen. What I hear from designers espousing the latest techniques in my [...]

  • This week’s sponsor: Vitamin T

    Thanks to our sponsor, Vitamin T. Vitamin T connects amazing digital creative talent with equally awesome mid-sized companies and ad agencies. Freelancers rejoice! Looking for talent? Awesome. Looking for work? Perfect.

  • Content-out Layout

    Grids serve well to divide up a predefined canvas and guide how content fits onto a page, but when designing for the web’s fluid nature, we need something more… well, responsive. Enter ratios, which architects, sculptors, and book designers have all used in their work to help set the tone for their compositions, and to [...]

  • People Skills for Web Workers

    The web touches everything an organization does—marketing to customer service, product development to branding, internal communications to recruitment. This is the era of cross-platform digital services, fast networks, and mobile devices. Sounds like the ideal time to be a person who makes websites. So why do we feel frustrated so often? Why do we experience [...]

  • Save Your Eyes with f.lux

    I never thought I felt eye strain from looking at big, bright screens all day—I thought my young eyes were invincible. Then I started getting sharp headaches at the end of every day, and I realized I needed to change something. I decided to finally take the jump and start using f.lux. f.lux is an [...]

  • Cennydd Bowles Makes a Case for Android

    » Cennydd Bowles Makes a Case for Android Cennydd believes Android will be the dominant platform in the next decade, and has compiled his responses to the main arguments against his stance.

  • Laura Kalbag on Freelance Design: Inspiration

    “Where do you get your inspiration from?” It’s an odd question that designers ask each other. But it’s not asking what motivates us to do our work, or what makes us want to be designers in the first place. What is inspiration? When we’re asked where we get our inspiration from, we’re usually being asked [...]

  • This week’s sponsor: Pantheon

    Thanks to our sponsor, Pantheon. Launching Drupal websites is complex. Pantheon helps you build a site and beat the clock. Read about our 8 amazing Drupal launches.

  • A Q&A on the Picture Element

    The revival of the picture element—the responsive images proposal that has seen the most support from the developer community—is exciting news, but there are still some outstanding questions about how the element will really work. Marcos Caceres and Yoav Weiss have put countless hours into the Responsive Images Community Group’s efforts, and are now working [...]

  • Ten Years Ago in A List Apart: CSS Sprites – Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death

    My fellow old-time web designers may remember the joys of image swapping via JavaScript. Here’s how we did it back in 1998 (don’t hate me because I’m beautiful): today-we’d-call-it-responsive homepage from 1998 fixed-width homepage from 1998 Even when some of us figured out, the following year, that HTML was supposed to be for structured content, [...]

Awakened Voice
  • Adventures In Cord Cutting

    This may be of some interest to folks interested in tech and web development so I’m cross-posting from my personal blog. I am going to embark on a personal crusade in 2011 to scale back my reliance on Cable TV in favor of the HTPC approach. If you’re interested in that sort of thing check [...]

  • The Future Of Technology

    Recently I was listening to an Economist podcast (embedded below) where the discussion centered on where things would stand 25 years from now. When talking about what types of things would and would not exist 25 years from now the gentleman speaking said he was certain that books would exist but many current high tech [...]

  • Tablet Mania At CES

    Holy tablets Batman! CES 2011 was flooded with companies promoting their soon-to-come tablet computers including Toshiba, Vizio, Acer, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry and more. Most will run some version of Android but a couple will have other operating systems like Blackberry or Windows 7. Two major players who didn’t announce anything tablet related, but probably will [...]

  • My Favorite iOS Apps

    I have seen a lot of blogs posting their favorite iPhone or iOS apps which seems to make sense since there will be a lot of new owners of iPhones and iPads after the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays. So in the spirit of sharing I decided to post links to a few of the apps that [...]

  • Assessing The Chrome OS

    I have been watching the discussion about the Google Chrome OS with great interest. Since there hadn’t been much news on the OS in the past year I thought maybe that Google had decided to focus more on Android and continue to develop Chrome as only a web browser. But then Google launched their Chrome [...]

  • The Murdoch Myth

    If you listen to the shows This Week in Tech and This Week in Google on Leo Laporte’s TWiT network you hear lots of interesting commentary on tech topics. Unfortunately from time to time you also hear some ridiculous hyperbole, most of which references News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is famous for many things [...]

  • How Big Companies Mess Up Acquisitions

    When big companies such as Yahoo acquire small companies like Delicious or Flickr they usually do so with the best of intentions but almost always seem to end up messing it all up. The world of Web 2.0 has seen more than their fair share of these situations. Think News Corp’s acquisition of MySpace. Or [...]

  • The Unfortunate Predicament of Google TV

    Well, this isn’t what Google hoped for when they released their very hyped Google TV software. The “this” I’m referring to is the blocking of the software by major television networks. Since Google TV supports Adobe Flash in the browser (Chrome) included with the software many assumed that they would be able to access sites [...]

  • It’s Time For Microsoft To Up Their Game

    There are major changes afoot in the world of computer operating systems. Since the original iPhone was released in 2007 many people and companies have altered their expectations about their mobile device experiences. For many years cell phone operating systems were expected to be just utilitarian enough to easily manage a few basic tasks such [...]

  • Web Based Services Come And Go

    It has been busy week for web conglomerates shutting down services that are not performing. Six Apart decided to shutter their Vox blogging service. Amazon is folding Amie Street into their current music download service. Finally, IAC Interactive is killing web-based RSS reader Bloglines. None of this is earth shaking news but it serves to [...]

Spoon Graphics RSS Feed
  • Incredible Creative Fonts Bundle with Loads of Extras

    In the past I’ve always kept away from distressed style fonts for the basic reason that using the same letter twice within any word in your design stands out like a sore thumb as the weathered markings are identical between them. However, I’ve just come across this huge creative fonts bundle on Design Cuts that [...]

  • How To Create a Contour Map Effect in Illustrator

    Contour lines are used in Geography to create topographic maps that show the elevation of a landscape. The contour lines create a series of concentric shapes which—aside from their important role in mapping—look pretty cool! In today’s Illustrator tutorial I’ll show you how to make use of the Blend tool to create a series of [...]

  • The Hipster Pack: 43 Vector Graphics for Members

    Today’s treat for Access All Areas members is another set of awesome resources from Vintage Design Co. The Hipster Pack is a collection of 43 vector graphics to use to make your own vintage badges, emblems and signs. Choose from moustaches, hats, glasses and other time saving elements to create some trendy designs. Ian Barnard [...]

  • 40 Vintage Logo Designs Inspired by the Great Outdoors

    Businesses from the great outdoors are a perfect match for the vintage logo trend because these were one of the cultures that initially pioneered this style of design. Companies associated with outdoor pursuits often have some kind of heritage behind them, which can be promoted in their logos and identities by using traditional design styles. [...]

  • PSD2HTML Coding Services Giveaway For Members

    Today’s special offer for Access All Areas members is a giveaway of coding services from PSD2HTML. They provide fast, high quality conversion of graphic web design into HTML and its extensions, as well as custom development services for a variety of CMS and eCommerce platforms. Three prizes of $400, $300 and $200 worth of services [...]

  • 10 Free Vintage Style Illustrated Light Ray Vectors

    As vintage style logos and emblems have become increasingly popular I’ve noticed the use of hand illustrated sunburst elements on all kinds of retro inspired designs, so I decided to play around and produce a set of my own to give out my readers. Download this free set of 10 illustrated light ray vectors to [...]

  • Vintage Logo Elements for Access All Areas Members

    This week I teamed up with Ian Barnard of Vintage Design Co to arrange some fantastic resources for Access All Areas members. The Vintage Logo Elements Collection contains 75 vector elements to quickly build trendy vintage style identities of your own, as well as a bonus set of 10 high resolution texture files to distress [...]

  • Illustrator Techniques to Turn a Sketch into Vector Art

    One of the most satisfying uses of Adobe Illustrator is to transform your rough pencil sketches into colourful illustrations. It’s great to see your concepts come to life with crisp linework and bold colours, but sometimes the result can be a little disappointing when the vector art just doesn’t have the punch you had hoped [...]

  • All The Vintage Design Resources You Could Wish For!

    As a follower of my blog I’m guessing you share my passion for vintage style design, so I’m sure this resources bundle will blow your mind! There’s a number of talented design shops that sell some amazing retro & vintage resources, now imagine the top sellers from all those retailers combined into one huge 6GB [...]

  • 30 Beautiful Hand Lettering Typography Illustrations

    Once style of typography that really inspires me is hand lettering that is manipulated to form a complete illustration. These hand crafted pieces of art blend typographic content with illustrated elements to reinforce a message. Being hand drawn means they’re full of character with plenty of irregularities and text that is squashed and stretched into [...]

CSS Tricks
  • Rotated Table Column Headers

    Say you have a table header (i.e. <th>) of “Number of Howler Monkey Species by Country” and the data in the corresponding <td> is like “3″. That’s an awkward mismatch of width. Awkward Perhaps not a huge problem for two columns, but if you had 20 that would be very hard to navigate and a [...]

  • CDNify Podcast

    I joined Jamie Ashbrook and Ben Briggs to talk about SVG and tooling and whatnot. Direct Link to Article — Permalink CDNify Podcast is a post from CSS-Tricks

  • Hatin’ on Web Tech

    This article “Shadow DOM” by Steven Wittens is only vaguely about the Shadow DOM. It’s mostly about how awful everything is. HTML sucks, CSS sucks, the DOM sucks, SVG sucks, MathML sucks… I don’t want to pick on Steven. He is, without a doubt, many (many) times smarter than I am and has well articulated [...]

  • SVG & WordPress Custom Fields

    The following is a guest post by Ian Marquette. Ian learned that SVG can have a <text> element, meaning that text could come from a dynamic source while still being able to do cool custom SVG-specific stuff to it. I was recently working on a WordPress-based website that needed an infographic. Being a proponent of [...]

  • New Poll: Sharing Buttons

    Throughout the life of this site, I’ve flipflopped (nope, yep) on whether or not I show social sharing buttons on articles. As anything, there are arguments in either direction. We can cover that briefly, but I also want to gather a bit of data on the subject, so that will be our next poll. The [...]

  • The Web Ahead

    I chatted with Jen Simmons about flexbox and the general future of the web. Direct Link to Article — Permalink The Web Ahead is a post from CSS-Tricks

  • Poll Results: Command Line Usage

    About 22,000 CSS-Tricks visitors voted in the last poll about command line usage, which asked: On average, how many commands do you run from the command line each work day? The result: there is a lot of people at all the different levels. It’s no wonder it can be such a hot topic. Here’s the [...]

  • Crafting link underlines on Medium

    Quite the in-depth exploration of underlined text on the web by Marcin Wichary. In the end, linear-gradient won the day with the most control, best look, and best performance. Some people have been playing with it on CodePen. Direct Link to Article — Permalink Crafting link underlines on Medium is a post from CSS-Tricks

  • My Advice to Young Designers and Developers

    Andy Budd: Should they continue their studies or jump straight into the labour market? I usually tell them that ability trumps education and I don’t put much faith on the current raft of tech degrees. So I’d prefer to see three years of experience than three years of study. That being said, I’ll also point [...]

  • Design v11

    I redesigned this site a smidge. It’s not a huge re-thinking or as big of an undertaking as v10 was, but it’s different enough I’m going to call it v11. Some of it looks like this: Less Gone is the Downloads section (also has been called “Demos”). While that got a good amount of traffic, [...]

Web Appers RSS Feed
  • 20 Awesome Mobile User Interface Animations

    Advertise here via BSA Storyboards and static screenshots don’t show any dynamism, whereas wireframes are visually plain and boring. Showcasing mobile app concept with how a screen or a particular function works in the app via gif animation is one of the lovely presentation skills of app developer and designer. The Design Inspiration has shared [...]

  • Your Self-Hosted Dribbble Portfolio Instantly

    Advertise here via BSA Dribbbox displays your work in a clean, easy-to-browse gallery, avoiding the noise of Dribbble’s comments, rebounds, ads and etc. It’s your portfolio, not your social network profile. You host your site, using your own domain. There is no server-side code or external dependencies involved. Dribbbox is just vanilla HTML, CSS and [...]

  • Free Download: Avatars and Emoticons Vector Set

    Advertise here via BSA An avatar is the graphical representation of the user or the user’s alter ego or character. An emoticon or smiley is a pictorial representation of a facial expression to express a person’s feelings or mood. They are massively use in e-mail, chat, text messages and other forms of communication to dramatize [...]

  • Deal of the Week: A Collection of 6 Distressed Fonts

    Advertise here via BSA Anodyne will add a ton of distress to your life, but in a good way. This beautiful, original, all-caps font from Yellow Design Studio offers up a collection of 6 distressed fonts. This Anodyne Bundle includes hand-printed texture variations, multiple styles, contextual alternates and multi-language support. The Desktop Fonts support a [...]

  • PintJS – A Small, Concurrent Grunt JS Runner

    Advertise here via BSA Pint is a small, asynchronous, dependency aware wrapper around Grunt attempting to solve some of the problems that accompany a build process at scale. A typical Gruntfile starts with, at a minimum, some variation of: jsHint, jasmine, LESS, handlebars, uglify, copy, and clean stack. Just these half dozen or so plugins [...]

  • Slate – Modern IRC Client Built with Node.js

    Advertise here via BSA Slate is a single day hack project that was intended to be a kickstarter, however the developer ran out of time so now it’s a partially-implemented IRC client. He had pretty lofty goals but unfortunately there’s not enough time to go around, there are still many features missing, and it’s not [...]

  • BrowserQuest – An HTML5 Multiplayer Experiment

    Advertise here via BSA BrowserQuest is an HTML5 massively multiplayer experiment. The mission was to showcase HTML5 gaming and WebSockets, a new technology allowing to create real-time web apps, games and more. BrowserQuest is a tribute to classic video-games with a multiplayer twist. You play as a young warrior driven by the thrill of adventure. [...]

  • Javascript Framework for Building Brilliant Applications

    Advertise here via BSA Mithril is a client-side Javascript MVC framework. It’s a tool to make application code divided into a data layer, a UI layer, and a glue layer. Mithril is around 3kb gzipped, focused, API. It provides a templating engine with a virtual DOM diff implementation for performant rendering, utilities for high-level modelling [...]

  • Pictaculous – A Color Palette Generator via Email

    Advertise here via BSA Ever wondered what colors to use with an image? Just email a picture to Pictaculous, and they’ll send back some color suggestions. Simple as that. There are many tools out there that will analyze the colors of an uploaded picture, but the beautiful thing about Pictaculous is you can snap pictures [...]

  • PNotify – JavaScript Notifications for Bootstrap or jQuery UI

    Advertise here via BSA PNotify is a JavaScript notification plugin, developed by SciActive. Formerly known as Pines Notify. It is designed to provide an unparalleled level of flexibility, while still being very easy to implement and use. It can provide non-blocking notices. This allows the user to click elements behind the notice without even having [...]

HTML 5 Doctor
  • Responsive images – end of year report

    It’s nearly two years since I suggested a <picture> element as a strawman proposal as a way to solve the problem of responsive images, so let’s have a look at how we’re doing. In September there was a big meetup at Mozilla’s Paris office organised by Mozilla’s Marvellous Mr Marcos who’s been very active in [...]

  • The classList API

    I have to be honest with you: I feel like a fraud writing about JavaScript for HTML5 Doctor. I would feel like a fraud writing about JavaScript for a click-driven ad-splattered content farm, never mind HTML5 Doctor. The thing is though, I’m writing about the classList API, and it’s super easy. If your JavaScript-fu isn’t [...]

  • Comparing and contrasting ins, del, and s

    Since the mists of HTML 2 we’ve been able to semantically indicate added or removed information using the elements <ins> and <del> respectively. While seemingly simple on the surface these elements have hidden depths. I’ll also compare and contrast <del> with <s>, recently out of font style rehab and back in HTML5. Let’s start with [...]

  • cite and blockquote – reloaded

    The definitions of the blockquote and cite elements in the HTML specification have recently been updated. This article explains what the changes mean for developers. blockquote definition updated The blockquote element represents content that is quoted from another source, optionally with a citation which must be within a footer or cite element, and optionally with [...]

  • The main element

    Recently, <main> was formally added to the W3C HTML specification. Now that the dust has settled, it’s about time we dive in to find out where and when it’s appropriate to use <main>. Let’s get started. History The inclusion of a main element (or similar) has long been debated in the working groups with authors [...]

  • How to mark up subheadings, subtitles, alternative titles and taglines

    If you don’t already know, the hgroup element is obsolete in HTML5. Advice is now provided in the HTML spec on how to mark up subheadings, subtitles, alternative titles and taglines using existing and implemented HTML features. Advice for marking up subheadings and the like The important question for developers is: How do I mark [...]

  • Interview with Steve Faulkner: HTML5 editor and new doctor

    Steve Faulkner – invariably prefixed by the honorific “The Mighty” by those who know him – is Australian living in London with his wife and two kids. He works for The Paciello Group, a well-known web accessibility consultancy, and is a co-editor of the HTML5 spec at W3C Today, we’re pleased to announce that he’s [...]

  • HTML5 forms input types

    In the first article in this series we looked at the history of HTML5 forms and many of the new attributes available to us. In this second and final part of the series, we’ll look at the new input types available in HTML5. As we’ll see, these new features will go a long way toward [...]

  • HTML5 forms introduction and new attributes

    No doubt you interact with at least one form on the Web every day. Whether you’re searching for content or logging in to your e-mail account or Facebook page, using online forms is one of the most common tasks performed on the Web. As designers and developers, creating forms has a certain monotony about it, [...]

  • The progress element

    When building web sites and web applications, we often need to provide essential feedback to a user informing them of the progress of their request or task, be it uploading a file, playing a video, or importing data. HTML5 makes life easier for us by defining an element whose sole purpose is just that: the [...]

Andy Osmani
  • Environment-specific Builds With Grunt, Gulp or Broccoli

    The dev, staging and production versions of our projects can vastly vary, which is one reason we may need to change paths to resources (scripts/styles/templates), generated markup or other content based on environment and target-specific information. Luckily there exist a … Continue reading →

  • Ghostbusting For Front-end Developers

    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria! We’d like to avoid that, right? Well, today we’re going to talk about how to improve the accuracy of your front-end testing environment so you’re not chasing ghosts. This is important … Continue reading →

  • Yo Polymer – A Quick Tour Of Web Component Tooling

    In the HTML5 Rocks write-up and videos for my talk “yo polymer”, I walk through Web Components – an exciting new set of web platform features that will change the way you build apps. We’ll look at Polymer – a library … Continue reading →

  • Full-Stack JavaScript With MEAN And Yeoman

    Introduction A trend proliferating amongst prototypers in the Angular community is full-stack JavaScript development via the MEAN stack. The acronym stands for: (M)ongoDB – a noSQL document datastore which uses JSON-style documents to represent data, (E)xpress – a HTTP server … Continue reading →

  • Use Your Terminal From Inside Chrome DevTools

    I just wrote an article for HTML5Rocks on a new DevTools extension that allows you to use your terminal directly from inside Chrome. This is a huge milestone for in-browser productivity tooling and compliments our recent Workspaces feature, which makes … Continue reading →

  • Browser-Sync: Sync Scrolls, Clicks, Forms And Edits In Multiple Browsers For Free

    I recently wrote a guide on tools for synchronized cross-device testing; useful when you’re targeting the multi-device web. One of the tools I didn’t come across at the time was Browser-Sync, which has an impressive feature-set and works across all … Continue reading →

  • Browser-Sync: Sync Interactions Across Multiple Browsers/Devices For Free

    I recently wrote a guide on tools for synchronized cross-device testing; useful when you’re targeting the multi-device web. One of the tools I didn’t come across at the time was Browser-Sync, which has an impressive feature-set and works across all … Continue reading →

  • Mobile Web Development Tooling (Slides)

    In my mobile web dev. tooling slides, we dive into the options available today for cross-device development, testing, and performance evaluation of multi-device webapps. Understand how best to develop with immediate feedback from the mobile devices you’re targeting, scale up … Continue reading →

  • DevTools: Incrementing CSS values under-the-cursor

    Chrome DevTools supports some useful keyboard shortcuts for easily incrementing or decrementing CSS values under-the-cursor. Shortcuts are available for both the Sources and Elements panels in Canary. In this quick 59s video, I walk through how to effectively use them. … Continue reading →

  • Rendering Performance Case Studies (G+, Flickr And More)

    Miss my workshop at Velocity Europe? The slides are now up!. These days our users expect smooth scrolling, buttery smooth animations and interactions, especially on mobile. We need to start caring about not just how quickly our sites load but … Continue reading →

Internet Techies
  • Watch Blockbuster Hindi Movies on YouTube BoxOffice, Premieres with Band Baaja Baaraat

    YouTube is already hosting lot many hindi movies which are available to watch  for free. Few weeks ago, YouTube showcased the blockbuster movie “Dabangg” and now they have launched the YouTube BoxOffice which premieres with the latest blockbuster from Yash Raj Production named “Band Baaja Baaraat“. YouTube BoxOffice will showcase one blockbuster movie per month. [...]

  • What to Expect from Windows 8 Built-In Video Chat Application Chatter

    The next version of Windows operating system i.e. Windows 8 is getting ready for the first beta release. Microsoft is very much excited about this version and few days ago, they released the first preview of Windows 8 build (demo video attached below). On the lock screen, an icon of a webcam was visible where [...]

  • Access Synchronized Google Chrome Bookmarks on Android Browser

    Do you want to have your desktop’s Google Chrome bookmarks available on Android device browser? I think if you have maintained a nice list of pages in computer’s Chrome bookmark then this free app will prove pretty useful. This post “Access Synchronized Google Chrome Bookmarks on Android Browser” first published on Internet Techies. Related posts: [...]

  • Few More Free Services to Send Fax Online from Computer

    Earlier we shared a list of 5+ online services to send fax for free and also shared couple of services to send fax trough email. Now adding to the list of online services to send fax for free of charge, we are going to provide you couple of more links. This post “Few More Free [...]

  • How to Add Twitter Follow Button on Website

    Are you active on Twitter? If yes, then go ahead and add official “Follow” button on your website or blog to let visitors follow you on single click. Twitter has released a Follow button with counter to show number of followers and one click follow option. This post “How to Add Twitter Follow Button on [...]

  • Find Best Possible Hosting Server Based on Expected Daily Page Views

    Are you planning to start hosting your website’s data on managed hosting servers? Are you confused whether you should go for shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) server or Dedicated one? These questions should be answered before making the final decision. Compare and find best hosting provider for your requirements. This post “Find Best Possible [...]

  • Encrypt and Password Protect USB Drive with BitLocker in Windows 7

    Windows 7 Ultimate is having BitLocker application which can encrypt and password protect USB Flash drives and other drives on disk. Learn how to carry important data with peace of mind. This post “Encrypt and Password Protect USB Drive with BitLocker in Windows 7” first published on Internet Techies. Related posts: Protect USB Flash Drive [...]

  • Solution for Common Problems on Windows 7 Visualized [Infographic]

    If you are facing common problems on Windows 7 Computer like Iphone not syncing with PC or Aero Effect not working etc. then you should take a look at the Infographic attached in this post. This post “Solution for Common Problems on Windows 7 Visualized [Infographic]” first published on Internet Techies. Related posts: How to [...]

  • Temporary Post Used For Theme Detection (0639f891-d4a1-48ca-8e76-de9afa4ab158 – 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7)

    This is a temporary post that was not deleted. Please delete this manually. (4a296314-6e2d-432f-b0e4-3c47e971fbf4 – 3bfe001a-32de-4114-a6b4-4005b770f6d7) Related posts: Get Temporary and Disposable Email Address To Avoid Spam in Inbox Why Not To Post Any Article With Administrator Account As Author On WordPress Q/A : How To Put Adsense Ads Between Post Content And Related Posts [...]

  • How to Keep Windows Fast even After Few Years of Installation

    Whether you installed Windows 7, XP, Vista or any other version of Windows OS, it starts to slow down after few months or years of installation. With the same hardware configuration and similar usage, you always like the Windows to operate as fast as it does in earlier days of installation but it slows down. [...] RSS Feed
  • The Rising Trend of Dynamic Expandable Search Fields

    Advertise here with BSA Anybody who follows web design trends will know about expanding search fields. These are typically small input boxes or magnifying glass icons which grow in size whenever given focus. As the user de-focuses off the element it’ll usually retract back to the compressed form. I love this idea because it saves [...]

  • How to Save Money with POS Software

    Advertise here with BSA Point of sale (POS) software is making the world of sales significantly easier. With a quality POS system you can significantly increase revenue, reduce overhead, and grow your business by putting funds more toward where they are needed to make your business run more smoothly. By quickly giving you solutions to [...]

  • 36 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials on Vector Design

    Advertise here with BSA Working in Adobe software has become the norm for most creative professionals. Photoshop is a huge program and compliments nicely with the entire Creative Suite. But Photoshop is primarily used for bitmap graphics, while Adobe Illustrator handles vector design in a similar fashion. It seems complicated but if you have the [...]

  • 28 Free CSS-Only Code Snippets for Web Developers

    Advertise here with BSA HTML5 and CSS3 web development has pushed the boundaries of what is possible online. Modern browsers have also jumped aboard the bandwagon to support a multitude of these newer effects. As a designer I have been amazed to find crazy CSS-based projects online. Open source is driving the future of websites [...]

  • iTunes App Store Optimization Tips

    Advertise here with BSA App store optimization is the process of improving the visibility of your app in the app store. App store optimization is deeply related to search engine optimization, specially when you work on improving the ranking of your app in the app store search results. Every person that ever launched an application [...]

  • 6 Extremely Crucial Choices That Determine Your Freelancing Future

    Advertise here with BSA Ultimately, freelance web design is all about choices. The choices you make as a freelancer will determine your business success or failure. The best course for a freelance web designer is to proactively plan how you will approach each choice. You can always change your approach later if you feel that [...]

  • How To Code a Forrst API Webapp using JSON and jQuery

    Advertise here with BSA Modern development APIs work like agents for sharing information to other 3rd party websites. I’ve written many past tutorials about API development to help anyone new to this process. There are so many web-based services that it’s tough picking something to grab people’s attention. In this tutorial I want to demonstrate [...]

  • Things you can do to Improve Page Load Times

    Advertise here with BSA Loading speeds can certainly make or break a website. In times where users are overload with options, they don’t want to wait too much for a page to load. And by too much I’m referring to about 2 to 3 seconds. Websites should be fast and optimized to better load so [...]

  • Freelancers, Use this 22-Point Checklist to Find Out How Professional You Are

    Advertise here with BSA As a freelance designer who works hard, you probably pride yourself on the quality of your work. And with good cause. You know that your work is good. But, doing good work and having a professional business mindset are different things. To truly succeed as a freelance design professional, you actually [...]

  • Inky Deals Massive Design Library & 630 Premium Vector Illustrations worth $8,228 – Just $59 (sponsored)

    Advertise here with BSA About Inky Deals Inky Deals is one of the leading deals websites in the design community, with an extended family of more than 300,000 design enthusiasts. It’s the place to go if you want to buy premium resources at unbeatable prices, whether you’re a graphic or web designer, developer, or business [...]

Function Web Design RSS Feed
  • Tutorial: Creating Custom Write Panels in WordPress

    Everyone knows that WordPress is one of the most, if not the most, popular blogging systems on the internet today. With its out of the box features, plugins, and great theming community, its no wonder WordPress has been accepted as today’s standard. However, sometimes you just want to add a little more. It seems the [...]

  • Themes: Open Air, A magazine and A Personal Blog Theme

    Another collaboration between ourselves and WooThemes, the result: this stunning theme with optional layouts. We’ve realized, that while a lot of people no doubt love magazine style themes – there are still a lot of people who would like the option of having something a little more personal. So here you have it! As always [...]

  • Free Theme: Color Paper WordPress Theme now on Smashing Magazine

    A while ago we had the pleasure of working with DreamTemple for a WordPress Theme which they’ve given away for free on Smashing Magazine. That means you can get this beautiful and unique theme for free, from the king of freebies Smashing Magazine. We’re very happy to once again have some of our work featured [...]

  • Stunning Free Character Pack: Free Illustrations for any use

    This set of free characters is ideal for adding a little personality into your designs. With a variety of actions and poses to chose from you can easily adapt them into your designs anywhere you feel needs it. Inject a little fun into your dull and boring help pages, emphasize a feature or a button [...]

  • How-To: Taking WordPress One Step Further

    Creating a website is no easy task. WordPress is an easy solution for creating a Blog, but sometimes something a little more, in terms of functionality, is needed. After trying many other platforms, I have found WordPress to be the easiest to use. Because of it’s wide array of themes, great plugin system, and easy [...]

  • 50 Stunning Examples of a great redesign: My Top Picks

    A redesign can be worth its weight in gold if you get it right. There is a thin line between freshening up your design, and taking a step backwards with a redesign.  Sometimes a redesign can be subtle and simple, and other times it can be a huge re-vamp of a company and it’s goals. [...]

  • Themes: Hallmark a Joomla theme now on ThemeForest

    Demo & Info That’s right, we’ve worked on a Joomla Theme. Although we love WordPress we realize it’s not everybodies’ first choice of CMS. So we felt it was only fair to make something just as pretty as our WordPress themes for the Joomla people. The result, Hallmark, a premium Joomla theme ideal for running [...]

  • Why I love the Design Community: My Guest Post

    Ahh yes, the Design Community. I love it! This is the topic of a recent guest post I wrote over at MyInkBlog. Below is an extract from the article, but you can read the full the article here. Please leave your feedback and comments on the actual post rather than here. Why I love the [...]

  • Themes: Evo a fresh Magazine theme available on Theme Forrest with $25 Giveaway

    Demo & Info To celebrate the launch of Theme Forest and our new theme Evo, we’re giving away 5 sets of $25 credit to be used on any theme on the site. Find out more at the end of the post. The theme is ideal for either being used straight out of the box, or [...]

  • Brazen; A versatile WordPress theme for the veteran-blogger as well as any beginner.

    Demo & Info First off, I’d just like to introduce myself. My name is Spencer, and I am the lead developer here at Function. I’m the guy that takes Liam’s awesome designs, and turns them into working sites. Liam had this design laying around, and I knew I couldn’t let it go to waste. So, [...]

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  • The Newest Addition to the World’s Best Mockup Templates

    As requested! I’m going to share a little trick we like to use to blow our clients’ minds every single time we deliver a design: guaranteed. In our experience, when we present our clients with their finished design, mocked up in a realistic setting, they were *ten times more likely to be wow’d, impressed and [...]

  • Comic, Creature and Character Illustration: 4 Pro Tips

    Tips for Comic Book Designers Dei G of Deisign is a master of comic design. A provider of unique character and creature designs for the entertainment industry, as well as a generator of character driven covers and promotional illustrations, Dei has won numerous awards and has produced work for Paramount Pictures, Stone Circles Pictures and [...]

  • Want to create a customized rock and roll tee (minus the lengthy design hours)? We can help.

    Life as a designer can be completely overwhelming. With projects constantly coming through, work piles up and never-ending revisions make for long days and late nights. It isn’t like we’re not completely thankful, but let’s be honest: Sometimes we just need a break. Thankfully, we know of a little shortcut sent from heaven. This shortcut [...]

  • On Developing a Dedicated Sales Team

    Building a Sales Team You Can Trust: One of the best part of our jobs here at Go Media is connecting with fellow creatives.  Recently, Jeff Gapinski, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Huemor Design in Farmingdale, New York, reached out us. Jeff had some great feedback about Drawn to Business, as well as some questions about developing a [...]

  • You’ll never buy big bolts the same way again

    Introducing Big Bolts We had the opportunity to collaborate with the Umbrella Collective, providing planning, web design and front-end web development for, the web’s first & only site for large-diameter bolts, screws, nuts, and washers and the first of a fastener family that, together, will form an online fastener purchasing destination! Top five reasons to [...]

  • Become a Master Typographer: How to Choose the Perfect Typeface

    Choosing the Right Type: 10 Considerations A critical question we often ask ourselves and know other designers contemplate when working on any given design is, “How do I choose the right font?” So many factors go into this decision, however thanks to the help of some friends, including Creative Director Michael Prewitt as well as Art Directors Craig [...]

  • Present Professional Photorealistic, 3D Designs in Minutes using the World’s Best Mockup Templates

    Separate the men from the boys… Want to knock the socks off of your clients, whilst instantly boosting your street cred?  Take a few extra moments in your design process to mock up your art using the World’s Best Mockup Templates. (Promise: It works every time my friends). The mockup is a trick of the [...]

  • How to Get Your Apparel Line into Retail Stores

    Launching Your Apparel Line Check out the “How to Start your own Clothing Line” section of  our Start Here page Start Here Designed your own original and unique t-shirt, printed and branded your work, ready to launch? Now you’re ready for the big time. For a lot of brands, the holy grail of going big-time [...]

  • The Countdown to WMC5 is on! Join us for the WMC Fest Kick-Off Party and Benefit Show on April 19

    I can’t believe there’s less than 160 days left until WMC Fest 2014… yeah, it’s coming up fast! Have you heard about our new team members? Margot Harrington and Stewart Scott Curran are our new speaker co-directors, and James Carol is our new music director. We are honored to have them on our team and they are busy booking [...]

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    Kickstart Your Career Ready to win $1,000 in Cash and Design Resources from Go Media? Head to the main page of to upload your design. You MUST mockup your designs on to be considered for the win! Want access to more templates? Here’s a free month membership to the Pro Version of Mockup Everything! Just enter the [...]

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  • Easily Deploy Redis Backed Web Apps With Docker

    The people who make Docker like to describe it using a metaphor to a pretty ancient piece of technology: the shipping container. While we don’t even think of or notice them much now, the shipping container was actually a pretty revolutionary piece of technology in its time. No matter what shape or size the original [...]

  • Securely Handling User’s Login Credentials

    For most websites, you have different areas within it (home page, user profile, admin page, etc.), some of which will be public and others will need to be restricted to only certain users. You often want to uniquely identify users so you can provide customized content or to capture specific information from a user. Many [...]

  • Refactoring Legacy Code: Part 1 – The Golden Master

    Old code. Ugly code. Complicated code. Spagetti code. Jibberish nonsense. In two words, Legacy Code. This is a series that will help you work and deal with it. In an ideal world, you would write only new code. You would write it beautiful and perfect. You would never have to revisit your code and you [...]

  • Testing Your Ruby Code With Guard, RSpec & Pry: Part 2

    Welcome back! If you missed the first part of our journey so far, then you might want to go back and catch-up first. So far, we’ve applied a Test-Driven Development process to building our application, alongside utilizing the popular RSpec testing framework. From here, we’re going to investigate some other RSpec features as well as [...]

  • Revisiting JavaScript Minification

    Lately I’ve been seeing that many developers are not minifying their JavaScript code. This process of minification, reduces the size of the HTTP request for your JavaScript, improving your website’s performance. So, let’s revisit minifying your JavaScript. In Closing Hopefully this quick screencast on minifying your JavaScript has helped you out. Remember, performance is very [...]

  • Build Your Own Yeoman Generator

    Yeoman’s generators are what give its platform flexibility, allowing you to reuse the same tool for any kind of project you may be working on, JavaScript or otherwise, and that’s before I mention the enormous library of over 400 community contributed generators. Sometimes though, you may have some specific setup that you like to employ [...]

  • Testing Your Ruby Code With Guard, RSpec & Pry

    My recent work has been on a cloud based Ruby project for the BBC News, upcoming 2014 elections. It requires fast I/O, scalability and needs to be well tested. The “be well tested” requirement, is what I want to focus on in this tutorial. Introduction This project utilizes a few different Amazon services such as: SQS (Simple [...]

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  • Online Courses for Learning Web Design and Development

    Web design and web development are popular career choices right now. One of the great things about getting into the industry is that there are a variety of different ways to build your knowledge and gain experience. You can attend a college or university and pursue a degree in a related field, you can learn [...]

  • The Design Kickstarter Bundle (400+ items) – only $17! (sponsored)

    A graphic artist’s best friend is the designer’s toolbox. Full of a vast collection of textures, brushes, actions, vectors and more, the toolbox is always expanding. The more elements, the more choices. The more choices, the more varied you’ll find the designs. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to beef up your own toolbox, [...]

  • Does Your Design Blog Need a Podcast? Plus, 8 Free Podcasting Software Tools

    Blog content is important, right? If you have a web design blog for your freelance web design business, you already know how having a blog can help you attract traffic and establish yourself as an expert. (If you don’t have a blog on your freelancing website, why don’t you?) Blogs need content, but not all [...]

  • Free Download: Glow PSD Theme

    Do you want a eye catching theme for your next mobile app and get more sales? Look no further. Glow is a trendy landing page for your next product or service. It comes complete with a fully layered psd file and can be edited to fit your exact needs. With its modern flat look and [...]

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  • The Perfect Palette for a Vintage Wedding

    If you want to nail the vintage-inspired wedding look, start with your color palette! Soft pinks, mauves, and taupes complement each other beautifully and evoke the feminine fashions of days gone by. Choose flowers, decor, and even a gown in one of these soft shades and you’re on your way to a perfect retro-chic wedding.


    Photo by: Elizabeth Messina on Kiss The Groom via

    Glamorous Almond Orchard Wedding With Pink Details and a Bella Umbrella

    Photo by: Stephanie Williams on Style Unveiled via


    Photo by: Erin Johnson on Bridal Musings via Lover.lypale pink ruffled rose mini cake on vintage glass cake stand little girls dream wedding vintage pal

    Photo by: Kim Winey Photography on Heart Love Weddings via

    Photo by: Katie Stoops on Southern Weddings via

    Seattle Destination Romance

    Photo by: Kate Price Photography on Grey Likes Weddings via

    Bryn + Pauls Bohemian Spring Wedding

    Photo by: Brooke Courtney Photography on DIY Bride via

    peach pink and gray bridesmaid dresses

    Photo by: Gabriel and Carin Photography on Wedding Chicks via

    The ORIGINAL Painted and Distressed Mason Jars by Beach Blues

    Photo by: Corinne Krogh Photography on Heart Love Weddings via

    Photo by: White Linen Photographers on Bridal Musings via

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  • Core Concepts in Color Theory

    There is no right or wrong way to use color, but it is important to learn some general concepts and theories to gain an understanding about how colors work together. Humans respond to color in a very unique way. Color can affect our mood as well as our behavior. It’s interesting to examine color theory by exploring color relationships and color schemes.


    The color wheel breaks down color relationships into three basic categories: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.



    These colors are: red, blue, and yellow. They cannot be created by mixing other colors. However, almost all visible colors can be created with these three colors.


    These colors are created by mixing together two primary colors:

    • Red + Yellow = Orange

    • Yellow + Blue = Green

    • Red + Blue = Violet


    Tertiary colors are created when you mix one primary color with one secondary color:

    • Red + Violet = Red-Violet

    • Yellow + Green = Yellow-Green

    • You get the idea!



    A color scheme is a combination of colors used to convey a particular mood or theme in a design. It helps to create an aesthetic feeling or mood. The most basic color scheme will use two colors, while more advanced color schemes will involve several colors. Color schemes can also help to influence typography and other web elements when designing a website.


    Uses a single hue and then a variety of its tints and shades.


    Uses three hues next to one another on the color wheel. The combination of Orange-Red, Orange and Yellow is an Analogous color scheme.


    Uses hues that are opposite each other on the color wheel. The combination of Red and Green arise a Complementary color scheme.


    Uses three colors that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel. The combination of the primary colors, Red, Blue and Yellow is a Triadic color scheme.

    Check out the amazing resources at Creative Market where designers show off their knowledge of color theory in their work.

    Design Creative Color Concept by Marish

    Watercolor Paper Pack by Sea Foam Studio

    Crayon Set by Do2design

    iOS Color Swatches and Gradients

  • Fit for Spring: Garden Party-Inspired Wedding Ideas

    Roses are red, violets are blue, they say spring is coming… we sure hope it’s true!

    Florals for spring are always in style, and these garden party-inspired wedding ideas are simply classic. Get ready for the big thaw with beautiful blooming wedding inspiration.

    Photo by: Alea Lovely on Bridal Musings via

    Ethereal secret garden wedding inspiration -

    Photo by: Joyeuse Photography on Fab You Bliss via

    ruffle cake | Courtney Reese Photography | Glamour & Grace

    Photo by: Courtney Reese Photography on Glamour & Grace via

    Elizabeth Messina

    Photo by: Elizabeth Messina on Snippet and Ink via

    yellow bridesmaid dresses

    Photo by: Erich McVey on Wedding Chicks via


    Photo by: Britt Spring Photography on Wedding Sparrow UK via

    pink and green escort card ideas

    Photo by: Sarah Rominger Photography on Wedding Chicks via

    Photo by: Jose Villa on Bridal Musings via

    lace wedding dress

    Photo by: Creatrix Photography on Wedding Chicks via

    Photo by: Elisa B Photography on Snippet and Ink via

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  • Sharing the Love with Autodesk

    COLOURlovers was started nearly 10 years ago and has since grown into a community of millions of people from around the world, gathering to share their creative ideas and inspirations. It’s been an incredible honor to be a part of such a supportive and creative community and I look forward to celebrating not just our coming 10 year anniversary, but our 20 year and beyond.

    Earlier today we shared the news on the Creative Market blog that our company was acquired by Autodesk, one of the world’s leading creative companies. The full content of that post is below, but I wanted to share a specific note to the COLOURlovers community.

    Our entire company is now a part of Autodesk’s consumer group and that includes our COLOURlovers community as well as our ColorSchemer software. Because of our limited resources and our focus on Creative Market in the past year, we haven’t spent as much time as I would have wanted working on improving COLOURlovers. As part of a bigger creative company with it’s own awesome communities like Instructables, not only will our community continue on being what it is, I hope we can make it even better by being part of a bigger family now.

    As can be expected with any announcement where a smaller company joins a larger company, I’m sure some of you are concerned about what this will mean for our community. I understand if you have those concerns, but you needn’t worry as Myself, Chris, Aaron and the rest of the team you all know will continue to be here and helping shape the future of loving color for many years to come.

    I’ve said it many times, but I’ll never be able to say it enough. Thank you so much for helping us build such a welcome and inspiring place on the internet, and I look forward to many more years of being amazed at all of your ideas and big hearts.

    We started over 10 years ago with &, building tools and communities for creators. In that time, we’ve focused our efforts on making the most intuitive and delightful user experiences for people looking for inspiration and professional help on their design projects.

    Our mission has always been to make beautiful design simple and accessible to all. And to us, a big piece missing from creating that experience was a marketplace that had all the assets a creator would need, and fairly valued the designers who bring these goods to market.

    Our first year was eye-opening and incredibly rewarding. Our assumptions about the kind of marketplace people really wanted were validated, we were inspired by the response we got from the creative community, and we helped designers around the world earn more than a million dollars.

    Not only did we see an overall picture of the impact we were making, we saw it in very personal success stories too. We saw it with individuals like Dustin Lee, Retro Supply Co. who found the income stability from his Creative Market shop sales to take the leap to chase his dream of starting his own company. These success stories were the motivation for us to pour ourselves into our work and to see just how big we could make Creative Market.

    Going Really Big.

    From the first month we released it to the world, Creative Market’s trajectory has been up-and-to-the-right. As a founder that has struggled through the dark days of bootstrapping a company, our graphs were the kind of thing you check right before going to bed just to make yourself sleep happy thoughts.

    After more than 12 straight months of month-over-month revenue growth, we had a lot of interest in our next fundraising round, and we also had interest from folks who wanted to acquire us.

    We had our options, but our priority was finding the opportunity that would best allow us to continue working on our vision and give us the resources to make Creative Market really really big.

    When I first spoke to the folks at Autodesk, I was impressed with their vision and where they saw an opportunity to develop a more consumer-focused offering to take their decades of design experience and bring that spirit to the maker movement. As a creative, I’ve always been in awe of the incredible work that folks are able to create with AutoCAD, Maya and Autodesk’s other professional design tools. The animated film I just watched with my wife & daughter… made with Autodesk software. Well-engineered sports cars, dream homes… made with Autodesk software.

    Our Vision. On Another Level.

    Can this champion of design software extend its legacy to empower designers and makers of all levels? We believe the answer is “yes” so much that we’ve decided to join them and to continue building Creative Market as part of the Autodesk Consumer Group. And we have big plans to help lead them into a future where beautiful design can be simple and accessible to everyone. Helping people “imagine, design and create a better world” is Autodesk’s mission, but it’s also been our driving force at Creative Market since we launched just over a year ago.

    The whole Creative Market team is joining Autodesk with the same mission, priorities and feature roadmap that we had before… just now we are part of a family that can help us take what we’ve been doing to a whole new level.

    We’ve always envisioned a Creative Market that lived beyond the walls of a destination website, integrated within the creative tools people use every day… and as part of a company that ships some of the world’s best design software, this will become a reality on a level we couldn’t have done on our own.

    My co-founders Aaron and Chris will be moving to join our SF team in Autodesk’s Pier 9 office and makerspace. We’re all incredibly excited about not only the future of Creative Market and its continued success at becoming the best marketplace for amazing design, but also the larger story we’re now a part of that has for decades empowered makers of handmade goods, and will now empower makers of mousemade goods too.

    What does this mean for the community? For customers, it means access to even more high quality content at affordable prices, as we’re able to grow more quickly. For shop owners, it means we’ll have a larger platform to get your products in front of an even larger audience of customers.

    Our Story Continues…

    We’ve still got a lot of pages to write in our story, and we’d love for you to join us as a shop owner, a member of our marketplace community, and a part of our growing team.

    Thank you so much for all your continued support and here’s to many more years working together in a more beautiful world.

    Bubs aka COLOURlover, Founder & CEO.

  • Watercolor Wednesday: CHARLES PERRAULT

    Charles Perrault is a graphic designer from St. Petersburg, Russia. He has an amazing collection of textures, palettes, action and templates which can help designers and people interested in design to save their time and to increase their creative potential. You can find him on Behance and Creative Market showcasing a beautiful collection of watercolor designs.


    Urban Watercolor Photos

    Watercolor Broker Car


    Watercolor Action – Add watercolor paint effect with just one click


    Watercolor Paint Effect

    Watercolor Portraits Creator

    Magic Watercolor Texture

    Watercolor Sky Textures


    Seamless Watercolor Textures

    Watercolor Landscape

    Watercolor Dreams

    Abstract Watercolor Texture


  • Who is Saint Patrick?

    St. Patrick of Ireland is one of the world’s most popular saints. He is credited to bringing Christianity to Ireland after his years in captivity there. Every year on March 17th, he is praised all around the world and throughout the years, celebratory traditions have been transformed many times over. Green clothing and shamrock decorations are some of the most common, and you’re likely to see green beer and food all around.


    St. Patrick, 4th Century

    4 leaf clover, traditional symbol of Ireland


    Green food in celebration of St. Patrick

    Are you ready to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this year? Visit Creative Market for your lucky design assets.

    St Patrick’s Day Clipart by Purveyor of Geekery

    St. Patty’s Day Vector and Clipart by PinkPueblo

    Set of Shiny Flat St. Patty’s Day by Andrew Bzh.


    St. Patrick’s Day Owls  by PinkPueblo

    Shamrock Clover by Andrew Bzh.

    Stylized Green Beer and Foam by Andrew Bzh.

    St Patricks Day doodles, Irish,green by GraphicMarket

    St. Patrick’s Birds and Clipart by PinkPueblo

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

  • So Romantic! Watercolor Wedding Inspiration

    Watercolor paintings are some of the most romantic works of art ever created: the soft, soothing tones and delicate imagery are always moving. They are also a great starting point for wedding planning. Using the work of J.M.W Turner, Winslow Homer and Georgia O’Keeffe as inspiration, we put together a collection of beautiful wedding ideas for the artistic pair. Browse below and get inspired!

    ombre cake

    Photo by: Chantal Andrea Photography on Wedding Chicks via

    Florida Rustic Vintage Pastel Wedding

    Photo by: Jenn Hopkins Photography on Every Last Detail via

    Vibrant Watercolor Engagement Party Inspiration

    Photo by: Kat Braman Photography on Every Last Detail via

    beautiful boudoir session captured by

    Photo by: Jessica Lorren Photography on Wedding Chicks via

    Photo by: Katie Stoops on Southern Weddings via

    Photo by: Bee Photographie on Southern Weddings via

    Photo by: Katie Stoops on Southern Weddings via

    Denim and Watercolor Wedding Ideas

    Photo by: Amy Nicole Photography on Every Last Detail via

    Southern wedding - outdoor ceremony

    Photo by: Christina Carroll on Southern Weddings via

    Southern wedding - watercolor stationery

    Photo by: Christina Carroll on Southern Weddings via

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    You won’t believe how this man surprised his fiancee!

  • Luck Of The Irish

    With Saint Patrick’s Day just 1 week away, I am seeing a lot of amazing design assets! Let’s take a look at all of the beautiful emerald green backgrounds that you can find on Creative Market and take 20% off while you’re at it.

    Clover Damask Patterns by Girardspeed Designs

    Saint Patrick’s Day Scrapbooking by All is full of Love

    Gone Dotty – Digital Paper by More Than Cake

    Saint Patrick’s Day Digital papers by SonyaDeHart

    Green Clover Background by Background Store


    St. Patty’s Day Bokeh Papers by RaccoonGirl Design

    Saint Patty’s Day Glitter papers

    St. Patrick’s Day Backgrounds by All is full of Love


    Fair Shamrock Background by Candy Box Digital

  • And the Winner is…..

    The Betabrand leggingscontest has come to a close. A lot of wonderful submissions were received, but there can only be one winner.

    Congratulations to COLOURlover, agussgut from Argentina, the winner of the “Choose The Hues” Leggings Challenge.


    Her design will be turned into a crowdfundable prototype in early April.

    In the meantime, you can still vote for any of the designs at Betabrand as they might make more in the future.

  • An Entire Wedding In Watercolor

    Do you ever dream about what your wedding will look like one day? Or do you reminisce about the wedding you’ve already had and think about things you would do differently? Creative Market has some amazing watercolor assets to give you inspiration and ideas. Here we have found a collection of goods to make entire wedding in watercolor.

    Start off by making some of your own cute Save the Date cards by burlapandlace.

    Next, set off to find that perfect wedding dress, accessories and shoes by Kaazuclip.

    Then move on to some romantic Wedding Invitations by Elena Pimonova

    Make sure to include these gorgeous Watercolor Table Cards by Helga Wigandt.

    No wedding is complete without flowers. Check out these beautiful arrangements by Astromonkey.

    And don’t forget to send out lovely Thank you Cards to all of your guests by MendozaVergara.